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What Clients Are Saying

Mathew Thomas is not only a listing agent and real estate selling agent.He thinks out of the box.

He is very courteous, excellent client service, peoples person, willing to help customers beyond imagination, and he is a result oriented professional realtor. During the last 20 years in California,I have not been such a committed, dedicated sincere selfless professional realtor. I can illustrate this with my own experience. I told Mathew Thomas in April 2019 that I have a property in Temecula which is rented now and the property is in a very bad shape. I need to get the tenant out, clean it up remodel , clean it up and market and sell the property to the best possible price.
Mathew Thomas immediately went into action, He ordered building inspection on April 3 2019 and arranged clean up yards and tree removal on April 19 2019. He evicted the tenant and arranged a professional contractor to do remodeling the house in June and signed listing and sales agreement on 6/24/2019. in July 9 he got the contract signed with TGN Construction at most reasonably good price for complete remodeling my house which was built in 1987. The House was very bad like TRASH when the tenant left the house. The complete remodel was done and the house looked like new.. He used a professional Staging Company and staged the house in September and listed the house for $399K and he got several offers on the first day of Open house and the house was sold for $10,000 more than the listing price, Even there were exactly similar houses in the market for more than 60 days. Mathew Thomas expertise, vision , marketing knowledge and market analysis was superb and I can testify you will not find such a human being ever who will go out of his way to accomplish the target. He evaluated all the offers and accepted the best offer and opened
Escrow on October 1st and Escrow closed on November 5 2019. Mathew Thomas very brilliant, compassionate, and handled each and every step without any lapse and Mission Accomplished with great pride. I recommend you to anyone. You are awesome. Mathew Thomas.

Ravi Vellatheri (Seller)

A seamless, stress-free, and very enjoyable experience through and through

My wife and I are young first time home buyers and were honestly a little intimidated by the process. Like most folks, we knew we wanted a nice house, but also knew we were still early in our careers, paying off student debt, etc. so our options would be more limited.

Despite likely being on the lower-end of the financial spectrum Matthew treated us like first class clients. He took our preferences to heart, made really insightful recommendations, and did not pressure us in any way. My wife and I also have jobs with somewhat inflexible schedules and Matthew was more than happy to take us to showings on days that he typically did not work. He was also always available to us answering questions promptly...often after hours or on weekends. As first time home buyers, it definitely took us seeing about (12) or so homes before we started to get a sense of what we wanted and what would work for us. Through this whole "discovery" process Matthew was beyond patient with us, giving us room to figure things out, while being incredibly knowledgeable and realistic in answering any questions that we had. Again, we're sure Matthew had bigger and better clients to service during this time, but he truly made it seem like he had all the time in the world for us, and never showed anything but the utmost of care and concern for helping us find the right home.

We finally stumbled across the right house for us and of course it was just a tad out of our price range and a little bit of a stretch for us. Matthew was great at negotiating with the sellers to reach a price point that was appropriate for everyone, without stepping on any toes or making anyone feel insulted. This made for an incredibly amicable process as both the sellers and us were entering into the transaction on positive terms.

We really cannot say enough positive things about Matthew. He made the whole home-buying process one that was truly better than expected for first-time home buyers like ourselves

Patrick McNally (Buyer)